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September 12, 2018

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(Multiple trade names—Pharm D Solutions)
Pharm D Solutions recalls all sterile compounded drug products

Pharm D Solutions is voluntarily recalling all sterile compounded drug products dispensed with the past 12 months because of concerns that practices at the pharmacy may pose a risk of contamination to products intended to be sterile. These concerns arose following a routine inspection of the pharmacy by FDA.

Administration of a nonsterile product that is intended to be sterile by S.C., I.M., I.V., or ocular routes of administration may result in serious injury or death.

Pharm D Solutions stated that to date, it is not aware of any adverse events related to this recall nor any indication that the compounded sterile drug products being recalled are actually contaminated. No medications or any component thereof have been shown to be nonsterile.

The recall encompasses all compounded sterile drug products, within expiry, that were dispensed within the last twelve months. The sterile drug products subject to this recall were distributed nationwide and directly to customers and/or medical facilities. The recall does not affect the pharmacy’s nonsterile compounded products or retail pharmacy operations.